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About Vastushastra

Vastushastra – an ancient Indian Science.
since Indians and Indian Architects had forgotten or not paid attention to or left applying the tenets and rules mentioned in it or following it while carrying out constructional activities. There can be enormous reasons. This is a science that is very much related to an Architecture. Science can never be ancient. I call it ancient as to why Indians could not adhere to this most beneficial Architectural Science from Prosperity value of Human being point of view. Influence of foreign rule over India for generations can be quoted as one of the reasons. Another reason is the construction activity based on utilizing maximum Floor Space Index in metropolitan cities and urban area.

Vastushastra is a perfect Result Oriented Science
Vastushastra is based on Solar system of the Universe, Magnetic field of the Earth and the Cosmic rays. It is also based on the Five basic elements : Earth, Water,Light, Air and Space.It is a transcendental wisdom. Vastushastra is a science to be experienced.It is like a Magnet. The force-power contained in the magnet cannot be seen.
Input & Output Concept

If the input is defective, the output will naturally be disastrous. The architectural, constructional and engineering components defined by Vastu are the inputs. The output is the effect and influence of Vastu on human being. The output is essentially represented by emotional, physical, and material aspects experienced by individuals and society-at-large.

Hindu Temples constructed as per Vastushastra could not be
destroyed even during recent Super-Cyclone in Orissa.

How and Why inhabitants residing in FSI based constructed buildings face problems ?

We observe that the Residential Flats are being constructed like pigeon boxes.

• No open space is left in front of the Main Entrance Door.

• If one door of a flat opens (outside which again is against Vastu rules) fully another adjacent Flat-owner will not be able to open his Main Entrance door fully.

• Then we observe that Door is spliced in to two parts 1/3 & 2/3. The real problems starts here. No where in the ancient literature, you will find the concept of designing a door in proportion of 1/3 2/3

• Many a times we observe kitchen in such flats are not designed as per the tenets & rules of Vastushastra.

• We observe that Toilets in such flats are located in North-east, which is wrong.

Home, House, Bungalow & Residential Flats

Every person should feel happy and pleasant when he enters his own house. But many a times, we come across persons  who  say that since  they have occupied  new  house  or  flat,  they  have been facing problems which were not existing in earlier house/flat.

What are the reasons?
Why is it so?


We also meet persons who say that they entered in new house and everything is going on smoothly. This house seems to be most lucky home.

What made these people to think in this fashion?
Is it the change of place or location or something else?

Vastushastra the owners and the occupants must face a particular type of problems depending on which aspect of his Vastu is defective. As I have earlier mentioned that if Vastu is corrected as per the tenets of Vastushastra, prosperity is bound to take place or particular problem can be solved to a great extend and it can be experienced by family members.

  • Why industries go sick?
  • What are the reasons for less Production Output, rejection of Product?
  • Why Machines, Electrical Ovens give problems every now and then?
  • Why come across Labor problems, Blocking of Payments?
  • Why Litigation, accidents take place?

  • Prospering on effecting the corrections, suggested as per Vastushastra.
    This is the Experience.

    Industrial Projects – designed as per the tenets & rules of Vastushastra are bound to lead towards prosperity.

    I have designed such projects in India as well as abroad and now these are really prospering without any
    hurdles. I also take pride to mention here that Factories and other Commercial Establishments that were on the verge of closure have been put on to right track of progressive path and these very establishments have now been doing extremely good.