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SHASHIKIRAN VAZE- Internationally Renowned Vastu Consultant

Mechanical Engineer, practicing as Vastu Consultant since last more than Twenty Eight years. I also use Dowsing method by Pendulum for locating the source of Underground Water for drilling bore-wells and I take pride to mention here that I get excellent results.
On invitation from industrialists and Businessmen, visited Mauritius, Dubai, Sharjah, Madagaskar, Oman, Seychellus, Durban & Johannesburg in South Africa, Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania, New Zealand, United States of America and other countries for Vastu Consultation.



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My clients have been prospering ever since they have corrected their establishments as per my suggestions.
My Vastu Expertise will surely bring a new ray of hope in making my clients move in the right direction
of Prosperity, Positive Progress and to lead Peaceful Life, merely by correcting Place of Residence and
or Factory or Commercial Premises.

….have you ever wondered WHY?


  • There is no PEACE in house
  • Health problems in family
  • Quarrels crop up in house
  • Late Marriages of grown ups
  • Children don’t do well in exam
  • Money in-flow breaks with litigation
  • Business, Industry does not prosper
  • Progeny problems even though medically fit


Sometimes it happens that in spite of best efforts backed up with proper manpower & money source, we observe that a particular industry fails to prosper, facing a lot of problems and ultimately leads to its closure. But the same Industry can be turned in to most successful one OR the house can be turned into most respectful one. If it is corrected as per the tenets & rules of Vastushastra. Based on my experience, observation and in-depth study in this particular subject, I have corrected such sick units and now the same units are prospering.

Many of my clients like:
In India

  • Radiant Jewellers – 3 nos. Diamond Jewellery factories are setup as per Vastu concept
  • TBZ Nirmal Jewellers Showroom,
  • United Inks Pvt Ltd – factories at Taloja are re-designed,
  • Camlin Ltd – factory at Tarapur is re-designed as per my suggestions,
  • Nilmac Ltd factory re-configured as per Vastu concept,
  • Network Dyechem Ltd factory at Tarapur re-configured as per my suggestions,
  • DSV Chemicals Ltd – factories at Taloja
  • Trendsmith (Jewellers) Ltd – Showrooms at Mumbai, Chandigarh, Chennai and Bangalore are setup as
    my suggestions according to Vastu concept,
  • STSChemicals Ltd – Office and Factory re-designed
  • Eftec Schroff (India) Ltd – factory at Tarapur reconfigured as per my suggestions,
  • Dinitrol (India) Ltd – Office and factory re-configured as per Vastu concept and so many

In Mauritius

  • Hi-Tech Glass Ltd, Hi-Tech Alluminium Ltd,
  • Shibani Group’s all establishments – one can very well know the position of this Group 5 years ago and
    the present prosperous position position …. is all due to my consultation to Mr Sunil Hassamal as per
    Vastu concept,
  • Desbro Group’s Desbro Trading Co.Ltd, Mesh & Steel Ltd, PPP Ltd and their factory in Durban were
    corrected as per my suggestions – they have got positive results thereafter;
  • Anil Bacha – Chartered Accountant and HIBISCUS Hotel owner;
  • Mr Anand Mulloo – a well known writer & journalist have experienced the positive impact of Vastu concept.
  • Arch. Hans Dwarka – was in great trouble. He implemented my suggestions to his Residential Bungalow on war footing and the family has experienced tremendous relief thereafter.
  • ISKCON at Phoenix invited me specially to get corrected their Temple lot as per Vastu concept and a new ISKCON will now be built as per my suggestions,
  • Amrise International Ltd have entered in to new office as per my selection and they have experienced amazing positive results thereafter and so many instances can be given to you..

You may verify if you wish to…

In Tanzania

  • Factory and Factory-Outlet-Showrooms of Bora Industries Ltd, Dar-es-Salaam have been experiencing
    tremendous positive progress in establishment on effecting some of the suggestions made by
    Shashikiran Vaze as per Vastu concept.


  • M-R-C Inc. factory in Fremont, California, USA ; Office of AJ Tech Inc. California

and many others worldwide have been experiencing positive progress to a great extend.

I also take pride to mention here that Factories and other Commercial Establishments that were on the
verge of closure have been put on to right track of progressive path and these very establishments have
now been doing extremely good.

Expert in Designing as well as correcting Bungalows, New Projects, Factories and Commercial
Establishments as per Vastushastra so as to enable my clients to make positive progress and lead
towards Prosperity, Peace and Happiness.
Positive Results are guaranteed if suggestions are implemented properly in toto.

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