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World Visits

To deliver Lecture on Importance of Vastushastra.
Visiting Houston, Memphis, Los Angeles, San Jose, Roanoke, Detroit,
New Jersey and Florida


To design or correct factories, homes, bungalows, commercial establishments, offices visited on
invitation to:

from 26th April till 4th June 2002
from 13th October till 14th Nov 2001
from 26th April till 3rd May 2001
Dar-es-Salaam, TANZANIA
from 14th April till 26th April 2001
– for Vastu Consultation to Bora Industries Ltd.
from 14th March till 13th April 2001
from 30th Oct till 19th Nov 2000
from 30th August till 3rd October 2000
a) from 30th Aug till 16th Sept 2000 –
* in Fremont to correct a factory & homes
* in Berkeley to discuss with ISKON President on Vastu Concept
* in San Fransisco – site seeing & visit to Indian Ambassador,
b) On 16th Sept – * in Los Angeles, C.A. to meet my friends
c) On 17th Sept – * in Las Vegas, Texas to observe Casinos from Vastu angle & site seeing
d) On 19th Sept – * in Houston, Texas for Vastu Consultation to ISKCON Temple and homes
e) On 21st Sept – * Roanoke, West Virginia for Consultation on Homes
f) 23rd Sept – Site seeing – * Philadelphia, N.J. for site seeing
g) 25th Sept – * Detroit, Michigan for Vastu Consultation

h) 30th Sept – * Fremont, San Fransisco

from 03rd May 2000 to 18th May 2000
from 23rd June 1999 to 24th June 1999
SOUTH AFRICA – Durban & Johannesburg
from 18th June 1999 to 23rd June
from 04th June 1999 to 18th June 1999
from 22nd Nov 1998 to 28th Nov 1998
from 19th Nov 1998 to 22nd Nov 1998
from 04th Nov 1998 to 19th Nov 1998
from 12th Aug 1998 to 23rd Aug 1998
from 03rd Nov 1997 to 15th Nov 1997

– a Perfect Result Oriented Science.