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Importance of Vastu Shastra
(Indian Feng Shui)
Shashikiran Vaze – Vastu Consultant

Vastu Devata Stavan

Om Namo Bhagavate Vastupurushaya, Mahabalaparakramaya, Sarvadhivasashrit Shariraya ,Brahmaputraya Sakalbrhmanddharanay Bhubhararpit Mastakaya Purpattanprasad Gruhvapisar Kupade: Sannivesha Sannidhyakaraya Sarvasiddhipradaya Prassannvadanaya Vishwambharaya Parampurushaya Shakravaradaya Vastoshpate Namaste

* Meaning of the above Sanskrit Shloka *

Consultation Procedure

While suggesting rectification I have to take in to consideration a lot of other various aspects such as Ground levels, Road positions, Hills or Hillocks locations, Pit, location of Temples or places of Worship with respect to the plot, location of High Tension Electric wires, nearby Graveyard / burial ground or tomb, walls around, etc… and many other aspects.

While observing factories I have got to study Compound Gate or Gate locations, Corner configurations, Watchman Cabins, Security Cabins, Boiler locations, Electric Sub-stations, Transformers, Distillation columns, Reactors, Open Air water tanks, Water Cooling towers and so forth.

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